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Words of Memorial at My Funeral

Three pastors of different churches in the same city met twice per month for coffee, encouragement and fellowship. One day while they were meeting one of the pastors shared with the other two that he had just done a funeral the previous week and how wonderful it was to hear from family members and friends about this man’s life. He was a faithful Christian and long- time member of that church.

The pastors then began talking about what they would want people to say at their funeral around their casket. So, each one shared what they hoped to hear:

The first pastor said, “Well I hope I hear people say that I was a good pastor, loved people, loved my wife, my children, and won many souls to Jesus.”

The second pastor said, “Well I hope I hear people say that I was a Godly example, that I was a good man, that I treated people fairly, that I loved my family, and made many disciples for Jesus.”

The third pastor said, “Well I want to hear them say ‘Look! He’s moving!”

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