TV Partner Bundle


This bundle includes a copy of Greg Mohr’s book,
A Prosperous Soul, along with your choice of
CD, DVD or USB from Greg’s television broadcast
Wisdom For Living: A Prosperous Soul.

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This bundle includes a copy of Greg Mohr’s book A Prosperous Soul along with 10 shows from his television broadcast Wisdom for Living: A Prosperous Soul. If you become a monthly TV partner we will send you these two amazing resources as our gift to you.

The Secret Key to a Life of Health and Prosperity

According to III John 2, our financial prosperity and physical health are directly linked to the prosperity of our soul.

Understanding this truth will motivate us to shift our focus from seeking financial prosperity and physical healing first to making a priority of developing a prosperous soul. Our prosperity and health are natural by-products of a healthy and prosperous soul. This revelation leads to an important question: “What constitutes a prosperous soul?”

In his book and video series from his television broadcast, Wisdom for Living,  Greg Mohr shares the essential keys he has discovered that will result in establishing a prosperous soul and a healthy and prosperous life.

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Book with DVD, Book with CD, Book with USB


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