I thank you Greg Mohr so much for this series on the prosperous soul😄. It is changing my life tremendously.
I first heard you speak on this subject at the Healing IS Here 2023 Conference.😄
You have broken thru so many barriers in my thinking, and my emotions😄
I have been suffering from emotional illness for a very long time, and tried everything i know to heal, and nothing seemed to work. 🙄. I was still angry resentful, bitter , fearful etc. Your series is changing all of this☺️. Submitting myself to the Holy Spirit,😄 and removing the pride in my life and becoming obedient, and not exalting my feelings over Gods Word, is life changing for me.😊I will continue to follow your studies😊. And God Bless You🙏😊🙏🙌🙌 and your family for what you are doing for the Kingdom😊☺️🙌🙌🙌

Fern Williams


Hi Pastor Greg,

A simple prophetic word and blessing from you just has escalated things into high gear and I am so grateful. Recently you preached at Living Grace (Pastor Pat Lawrence) and after service all I did was come up to say thank you for the great message and shake your hand..I had to hurry to leave as I work for Andrew as a prayer/phone minister and you said “Oh..I speak Psalm 92 over you for fresh oil”…the words of knowledge for the callers has just gone off the charts …Also you said The Lord was renewing my youth like the eagle..I needed that as I had a nasty injury last year and it encouraged me so much. Bless you and Miss Janice and thank you for your obedience to the Lord!!

gwen rogers

Relationship with my Father Restored!

Greg Mohr was giving words of knowledge on his daily broadcast. He was speaking restoration.

Paraphrasing from what I heard in my sprit from what Greg said…. “I believe someone watching, is believing for restoration with their earthy father. Its been many years, and you don’t know how or when to the restoration is going to take place. I encourage you to forgive you father and watch and see what God is going to do with your relationship with your father.”

This bares witness with my heart and I thank God and Greg Mohr Ministries for this word of Knowledge!

Patricia S.

Freedom from Bondage & Walking out in Faith

I recently watched Pastor Greg’s CDLBS livestream called Your Prayer Life Is the Will of God and before he started, he mentioned that he had a word for somebody who felt they couldn’t really hear from God. And I’d like to write a thank you testimony since that person is me. I’d actually sent in a question twice during two different livestreams, but the first time I’d been a tad bit too late, and the second time, my question was chosen but there was an unusual glitch as my question got cut off halfway, leading to the preacher/pastor not understanding it. I then wondered whether maybe God had another pastor/preacher in mind to answer my question. I ended up missing your livestream due to the time difference, but by God’s loving grace and mercy, He did something so much more by having you speak that short word before starting your wonderful sermon/message.

Over the last 2-3 weeks, God had placed a wonderfully new promise/desire in my heart that honestly changed an entire section of my life. The Lord made it so easy and painless to drop the former season/vision, but possibly due to maybe fear and allowing the lies to attack my mind, I had a difficult time accepting it fully despite the change being better than the previous one. I was so reliant on the supernatural signs (another point that pastor Greg specifically mentioned about this person that made me know God was working through him to speak to me) and needing them to confirm things to me, that I kept on going back and forth on whether said vision was from God or not. I kept on trying to rely on feelings, messages, ‘signs’ and, as pastor Greg mentioned, ‘the stars were aligning or not,’ that it was making me even more confused and uncertain.

But there were several reoccurring themes and messages that I knew were strongly from God as they all pointed to the same thing: step out in faith-He’s the one that places the desires in our hearts, and to trust Him to do the impossible. And Pastor Greg’s message and sermon study was truly the word I needed to help me go forth with really believing and obey God’s loving heart and voice. He spoke through you when I was in a spot where I really needed that ‘final’ push to put my foot out of the boat and walk in faith with Him. To stop needing Him to pull me by the hand, but to really trust in the Word and go when the light is green in faith and belief/trust.

Thank you so much and bless you abundantly Pastor Greg for being such a wonderful pastor and teacher of the Word and for also speaking that word/message from the Lord.

It blessed and helped me in more ways than you know! Thank you and God bless you and the wonderful team always! 🙂

Denyse Hoe

A Healed Heart

Pastor Greg, you prayed over me for the healing of my heart’s condition in 2021 during a Healing is Here conference. I suffered a heart attack in 2017 while on a business trip in Bangkok and had three stents inserted then. In 2020,  another stent needed to be inserted and during the medical procedure, but the cardiologist broke and embedded the tip of a guide wire in the artery. I had sought God for complete healing of the heart and there be no complications from the accident. Praise God that today my heart is healthy and I am fully restored. I will be graduating from CBC Cincinnati in May 2023 and I look forward to sharing the goodness of God in the years ahead.

Anthony Lau

God Gave Us Double

Receiving the class “Prosperity God’s Way”, by Greg Mohr, at the beginning of the school year was vital for my family. We had just moved our family of four from Los Angeles, California to Woodland Park, Colorado. We were relying on our home in California to sell. The week that we put our house on the market in the summer of 2018, 700 other houses came on the market as well. The house was being looked at, but the potential buyers could now be VERY PICKY. “I prefer a walk-in shower instead of a bathtub.” “Your home is one of our top 5.”

When we moved out to Woodland Park, we were high-maintenance people. We had no savings, no income, a mortgage on a home in California, rent in Colorado, a $600 car payment, 2 kids, 3 cats and a dog. We needed stuff like snow tires and rugs for the floors…things we never needed in California. Plus, my husband and I were going to school together…which was amazing, but that meant that we owed over $1000 in tuition every month to stay enrolled at Charis.

Towards the middle of Prosperity God’s Way, Greg Mohr got a little snarky. I had loved learning about “blessed to be a blessing” and “enough and extra”, but this was a whole faith-level higher. Pastor Greg said, “You are so selfish! You are just praying for your own needs thinking that you are the center of the universe. You should be praying for double so that you can help others and advance God’s Kingdom.” What?! I had never thought of having faith for double when I was struggling with faith just to make it through the day.

While studying for the test that Friday, I began to really get my mind wrapped around this praying for double idea. I told God, “God, we are high-maintenance people. We need $6000 a month just to survive and pay the bills. So, if I was to pray for double, that would be $12,000. Okay, God, I’m going to do it. I’m going to believe You for $12,000!” Instantly I heard the Lord say, “If I gave you double, would you really give away the additional $6000?” UGH! Like a dagger to the heart! “Oh Lord, you know me so well. No, I would save it to pay the mortgage, the car payment and the credit card. I am so sorry. I am only thinking of myself. You are right, God, if you bless me with double, I will give away the additional $6000”.

Over that next two weeks, the money just started coming. My dad and mom blessed us with $2000. Dawn of Hope (a place I had never been) took up a collection and gave us $1000. That had to be God. Money came in through the mail…even from my mother-in-law’s housemate who wasn’t saved! Our Landlord was a Charis Alumni and she taught us how to “see or house with a SOLD sign in front of it” and told us that she trusted that we would pay her back after the house sold…she let us live there rent-free until our house sold! By the end of that month God had provided $5000 for us.

But, when it came time to pay our tuitions, we didn’t have it. We went to turn in our lanyards…full of tears and heartbreak…my husband was so mad. His pride had been hurt. He had always been a faithful and great provider, and now that we were doing what God told us to do, we didn’t have enough.

Later that evening, I got a call saying that both of our tuitions had been paid in full for the rest of the year by anonymous donations! That was over $7000 worth of tuitions! We could stay in school! And God had provided the $12,000!!!

That next Monday, we had Pastor Greg for another class and he said, “So, how many of you were blessed by Prosperity God’s Way?” “We have time to hear a testimony. Can the runners be ready with the mic’s and is there anyone who has a testimony?” I instantly raised my hand and told our class of 300 students my testimony! As soon as I said “…and that equaled $12,000!” the whole auditorium rose with applause to God! But it was at that moment when I remembered my promise to God and felt ashamed. I secretly said, “But God, I can’t give away the additional $6000?.?.”

Later that evening shopping at Wal-Mart, a fellow first-year-student named Jeff, recognized me and thanked me for sharing in class that morning. Then he said, “God wants me to tell you, ‘“I will use YOU to bless others…..(long pause)…and also give money.”’ (He emphasized the word you). I started crying right there in Wal-Mart. God knew of my concerns and sent Jeff to encourage me.

Our house finally sold on December 5th of 2018. God had provided $17,000 during our 5 ½ months with no income of which we were able to tithe $1,700. It is soooo much better to give than to receive! We were able to more than tithe off of the equity that we made from the sale of our California home to people just like us!

This is just one of the many miracles of God’s provisions that took place during those first 5 ½ months. Thank you Pastor Greg for letting me share His goodness with others! To God be all of the glory!

Lisa Nickels

Lisa Nickels

Shoulder healing

Watched 12/2/22 aired service at 11pm. Mentioned someone’s shoulder being healed. Said to move it. I moved it around. Pain started to disappear by the second. Praise God, it’s gone! It’s a chronic re-occuring issue: a tear in my shoulder. I love to workout, it doesn’t take much and it sets me back constantly. I receive this healing and am standing on His word by faith, it shall never occur again in Jesus name.

Cheryl Lombard

Bible Study Revelation

October 25, 2022

Thank you, Greg Mohr and Thank You Jesus for putting a Word in Greg’s heart that spoke to my wife Silvia and I on Tuesday’s Bible study.
Earlier in the day we received a word from her doctor about a mass in her colon (she had a colonoscopy earlier in the day) that would need surgery regardless of whether it was cancerous or not. He said he would call as soon as the biopsy report came back and schedule a surgery.

When the doctor left we both looked at each other and said, in agreement: “Well, the doctor told us what he sees but it doesn’t line up with what the Word of God says.”

Before leaving the doctors facility, Silvia went to the restroom and found a card that read “Isaiah 53…this chapter will change your life.” She thought that was pretty cool and I said it was no coincidence and that it was confirmation.

After we got home my wife took a nap and I must admit I had thoughts of doubt try to creep in and steal the Word from me. And after reminding myself that “by His stripes we were healed” I began to overcome negative thoughts.

Silvia and I said several times throughout the day (and to our kids) that we stand together on God’s Word and his plans for us being greater than what a doctor has to say.

Lo and behold, at the beginning of tonight’s Bible study, the Lord spoke through Greg Mohr using Isaiah 53:1 directly speaking to our hearts and confirming what we believed and had claimed earlier.
Again, thank you Greg Mohr and Thank YOU JESUS.

David Crum

92 Year Old Man Born Again

2-3 years ago, Greg Mohr was teaching at Charis Bible College Toronto. My mother, Miriam, was a visitor attending the teaching, and I was having lunch with my father, Jim, across the street because he wasn’t a Christian and didn’t want to attend. However, after the teaching, my father went into Charis Bible College to go to the washroom, and on the way out, he was introduced to Greg by my mother.

Greg asked my dad if he was saved and he said, “No.” Greg asked, “Why not?” and my dad said, “Because there have been some scandals involving preachers in the news.” Greg asked, “What did you do for a living?” Dad replied, “I was a car dealer”. Greg asked “Well haven’t you ever sold anyone a lemon?”. My dad said, “Yes, I guess I have”. Then Greg asked my dad if he could pray with him, and Greg grabbed hold of my dad’s hands and prayed that Jesus would reveal himself to my dad. As my dad left the building, Greg called out to him and said, “Don’t be surprised if Jesus shows up in your bedroom.”

Well a few years later, my mother led my father, now 92 years old, to Jesus. When I heard about it, I reminded my father about Greg Mohr’s prayer. The heavens are rejoicing today because one lost sheep was found. Praise the Lord and thank you Greg for flowing in the supernatural.

Jeffrey Paton

Eczema Healed

On Saturday September 3rd, Mr. Greg Mohr gave a word on live stream that eczema and all kinds of skin issues were being healed. He specifically mentioned someone’s face that would break out with rash and redness and that God was restoring that. I took that word for my 3 year old daughter. We have been
believing for healing for that exact thing. I declared that word over her, and I already see a difference on her cheeks. I believe her skin is fully restored and whole!

Jami S

Healed Bladder

I wanted to thank Greg Mohr. I am just learning about speaking in tongues and the gift of healing. I listened to audio teaching and read Flowing in the Supernatural by Greg Mohr, and I was practicing what I was learning on my 18 year old daughter with Downs, speaking to her neurogenic bladder, and after 3 weeks of laying hands on her once a day, she emptied on her own without the need of us catheterizing her. I received a word from the Holy Spirit to stop a medication that she had been on for 18 years! He reminded me of the side effect of bladder retention and told me to go tell my husband and ask if we could stop the medicine for a few days and see what happens. I asked him and he said “ok”. That’s a miracle in itself!

We have had to catheterize her 6 times a day for 18 years. But since Feb 13 of 2022 we have been freed from this requirement, praise Jesus!

Tracy Leach

Your Son Will Live!

“If you want to see Nathan (our son) you might need to come now!”

I’ll never forget hearing that over the phone or my response. “I don’t receive that but I’m on my way.”

Within hours I was walking through the Dallas-Forth Worth Airport checking my boarding pass for my next gate. Under strong duress I somewhat panicked as I realized I had transposed the numbers and was headed to the wrong corridor. I checked the time and realized I was still doing ok. As I looked up at the directional sign to see which transit to catch, the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, “Someone will pray for Nathan at your gate.”

We had hundreds of faithful and faith-filled people praying, but being from the Smoky Mountains, I couldn’t think of anyone I knew from Dallas. Obviously, as I turned the last corner to see the seating area at my gate I was craning my neck to quickly scan the area. My eyes instantly locked on Greg and Janice Mohr. I had ironically just met Greg just a month before at a Men’s Advance in Colorado, and we had since exchanged an email.

As I shared the severity of Nathan’s condition in ICU on a ventilator from covid, Greg remembered Nathan and his wife from a class in which they were students that he taught at Charis Bible College. Janice listened on quietly and intently. After a few minutes and we prepared to pray together, she lowered her mask and told me how she was reminded that a family member of theirs was not expected to survive an emergency situation but was doing great now. Then with a huge smile on her face she said, “The LORD just told me to tell you that YOUR SON WILL LIVE!

Those were the exact same words a pastor friend we know in Virginia had shared with my wife from John 4:50. We prayed together believing and receiving God’s promise, and then it was time to board. It took me an hour or more into that flight to just ascertain what had just happened as I was enveloped in God’s love and tender care for our situation.

To add blessing on blessing, I discovered I was seated on this “emergency” flight beside a young excavation worker who wanted to introduce me to his boss who has become both a mentor and the source for funding and developing a very sizable development that we felt called to pursue.

This certainly took backseat to our son’s need, but was a major answer of supernatural provision in itself. A business partner and myself had formed a mental list of all the things we needed in a person who would be able to help us fulfill this project but we actually laughed at the possibility of it happening.

Nathan’s health is on course for full recovery, and he is back at work. He and his wife are preparing to attend Charis Bible College again this fall. Praise God who’s love never ceases and mercies never fail!

Michael Williams

Freedom from Anger

I was listening to pastor Greg speak about relationships and specifically how internal anger is caused by an unfulfilled revenge or injustice against what someone has done to you. So I took that statement and looked within myself to see who in my life I never forgave because I’ve always had tremendous anger for years. As I looked through my life at different scenarios and things I’ve gone through, I couldn’t find anyone that I haven’t forgiven. Throughout my life, Jesus would always bring things up that I had been through (even things I forgot about) and ask if I would be willing to forgive; my answer was always, “Yes.”

I knew I had anger, but I couldn’t find the reason why. So I asked the Lord, “Who have I not forgiven?” And the Lord spoke to me and said, “Thomas, it’s true you’ve forgiven everyone in your life but you’ve never forgiven yourself.” When the Lord said that, it was like He revealed the darkest, most evil part of my heart. I saw how much hatred was there and it was all directed toward myself.

Now I could see why I was so angry; I knew the last person I needed to forgive in my life was me. But I couldn’t do it; I sat in class trying to hold myself together emotionally for about 30 minutes trying to forgive myself. When I tried, all the things I’ve done would come flooding back to me. I internally held myself to a standard and the things I said I would never do, I did them all. I didn’t have a problem forgiving others, but myself was much different and much harder.

I finally just told the Lord, “I can’t do it, I can’t forgive myself; I’m trying so hard to do it from my heart, but I can’t. How do I forgive myself?”

I know this is going to sound weird but the Lord said, “Just say, ‘Self, do you forgive me?’ And then say, ‘Self, I forgive you.”’

When I did that, it was like the blackness in my heart took form in a dark, disgusting, putrid ball and slowly was lifted from my heart. As it came out, it just dissipated into nothingness.

Once it was gone, I felt a great weight lifted off of me and off my heart. Before this, my heart in relationships were limited to the degree of how close I could be to someone, whether family or friends. But now my heart is open to other people; I want to be with people, love people, know who they are, and show them who I am.

Before this, I was very stand-offish; I was very quiet and never wanted anyone to know who I really was because deep-down, I hated that person. Forgiving myself opened my heart to love and to be with other people in a capacity I never had before. All the anger I had was completely gone. I didn’t realize how much bondage I was in with unforgiveness, but I also never knew I needed to forgive myself. I was completely set free once I forgave myself, and I love loving people now.


Believe God’s Report

On Saturday December 12, 2020, I went to the dentist after 3 weeks of dealing with what I thought were canker sores. After examining my mouth, the dentist told me I had to see an oral surgeon and have a biopsy to determine what the sores were. I was shocked! His office made an appointment for me first thing Monday morning.

As soon as I got home, my husband laid his hands on my face and prayed. I then went online to find out what “canker sores that won’t go away” could be? Oral cancer was first thing that came up, and the pictures were identical to my mouth. I was fearful when I read about the treatment etc.

I felt lead to call a few “specific” people to pray, those who believed in healing miracles. I then went right into the Word and kept His Word literally in front of my eyes.

That night about 3am I woke up feeling afraid. I said out loud “ABBA, I’m afraid! I need to hear from You!” At that moment, I felt the Lord so close and so near to me with such peace. And He spoke to my heart, “Hold onto My Word; Trust My Word.” “Thank You Abba I will”…. I drifted back into a peaceful sleep.

I woke Sunday morning at 6am and felt compelled to get into the Word, I was ravenous for the Word! I couldn’t get downstairs fast enough.

God began to lead me to scriptures…one of which was Isaiah 53:1. The Lord reminded me of your book, Your Healing Door, and told me to get the book out and read that chapter. I didn’t know where it was. “Please Holy Spirit, help me find it!” He answered my prayer right away! When I found chapter 8, on the opposite page I had testimonies written from 2017 when I had received words of knowledge from the 700 Club! My son was healed!

I was reminded of what God had done. I started reading that chapter and it was my key.

After several encounters with the Lord, Lynn received complete healing. She wrote the following:

On Monday 12/21 the doctor was amazed by the level of healing in my mouth, he said I was 75% healed and that he had never seen such healing apart from long term medical treatment! I told him that God had answered our prayers! He told me to come back in 2 weeks for a final check.

On January 4, 2021 I went back and I was totally healed! no sores! I asked him what he thought the first time he examined me… he said his first thought was oral cancer. I told him I believed that God miraculously healed me and he said my healing was miraculous! All glory to God!

I pray this testimony blessed and encouraged you. God used your book, Your Healing Door, as a piece of my healing journey. Isaiah 53:1 was crucial…. from the first moment I realized it could be cancer, I made a decision that I was going to hold onto God’s report and put God’s Word above every other word.


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